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Auto Clinic

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Operational Checks
Exterior lock mechanisms including keys and remote control units
Side lights
Direction indicators
Hazard warning lights
Brake lights
Fog lights
Reversing lights
Number plate lights
Spot lights
Foot brake operation, pull and fade
Door mechanisms including child locks  
Courtesy lights  
Interior rear view mirror  
Wiper/washer front and rear  
Window mechanisms  
Any accessories  
Heater fan  
Radio/cassette/CD player  
Panel lights  
Radio aerial - replace if necessary  
For clutch slip/judder (or kickdown and change speed)  
Gearbox operation  
All seat mechanisms  
Glass and door mirrors  
Operation/fitting of sunroof/soft top    
Accuracy of all other gauges    
Condition Checks
Seat belts
Washer bottle
Spare wheel rim  
Legality of number plates  
All other glass condition  
Front and rear wiper blades  
Battery security and condition  
Exhaust for security and condition  
Boot carpet and trim    
Condition fan for free play    
Headlining/soft top    
Door trims    
Carpets/gear lever gaiter    
Discs/drums and adjust if necessary    
Engine oil
Oil filter
Check coolant level and anti-freeze content
Check washer bottle level
Air filter element  
Cam box/rocker cover gasket not leaking  
Top up power steering fluid level  
Radiator for leakage/damage  
Excessive visible exhaust emissions  
Check clutch or auto transmission fluid level    
Water pump for free play    
Check fuel filter    
Grease battery terminals    
All engine bay for engine    
All engine bay wiring for wear    
Check CO level    
Check catalysic converter    
Oil leaks from engine    
Oil leaks from gearbox/axle/final drive assembly as applicable    
Spark plugs    
Check ignition timing    
Internal boot/hatch opening mechanism  
Bonnet mechanism  
Steering assembly for damage  
Steering assembly for wear and leaks  
Propshaft/driveshafts and gaiters for signs of wear and leaks  
Suspension units for wear and leaks  
Suspension brushes for excessive wear  
Shock absorbers for leak  
Brake pipes for corrosion  
Fuel pipes for leaks  
Fuel pipes for damage  
Brake pads/shows for wear and adjust or replace as necessary  
VIN number plate    
Clearance for axle/suspension with bump stop or chassis    
Chassis rail for damage    
Suspension mounting points for damage    
Brake pipes for security    
Suspension units for damage    
Boot lid/hatch seals adjust as required    
Fuel tank hoses for security    
Handbrake cable and mechanism for damage/corrosion    
Top up axle/gearbox oil level as appropriate    
Wheel cylinders and callipers for fluid leaks    
Clutch slave cylinder for leaks    
Body, Interior & Tyre
Sidewalls for cracks/damage and tyre compatibility
Check tyre pressures, including spare
Check for spare tyre
Wheel trims damaged or missing  
Check for signs of water ingress  
Bodywork and bumpers for damage  
Light lenses and reflectors for damage replace if necessary  
Windscreen for chip/cracks and compliance with NCT/DOE regulation  
Tyres (including spare) for 3mm tread dept  
Check wheel bearing  
Check handbrake adjustment  
Tools and spare wheel stowed correctly  
Trim/badges damaged/missing and replace if necessary    
Check wheel alignment to manufacturer's standard    
Paintwork for scratches    
Security of door mirrors    
Check for tools    
Security of belt mounting    
Security of seats    

Pre NCT and Pre CVRT Testing

For €45+VAT Ashbourne Auto Clinic can ensure your car or van is up to NCT and CVRT standards. We will focus your headlights and carry out a full vehicle check excluding shock absorber imbalance test and emissions. Emissions can be tested separately for €30+VAT.