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Frequently asked questions

Can Ashbourne Auto Clinic cancel service indicator lights?


How often does my car need to be serviced?

As a rule vehicles registered pre 1998 should be serviced every 6,000mls. Vehicles registered post 1998, both petrol and diesel, should be serviced every 9,000 mls or 15,000 kms. Newer models since '08 Volkswagens, Skodas, Audis and Mercedes have extended service intervals of 18,000 mls or 30,000 kms. These vehicles use specific high quality synthetic oils. If you do not exceed these service intervals than an annual service should be carried out.

Can Ashbourne Auto Clinic service my car even though it is still under manufacturers warranty?

Yes. We are members of SIMI Ireland and can service all makes and models that are still under manufacturer’s warranty as long as the manufacturers genuine parts are used. At Ashbourne Auto Clinic we ensure a high quality service is carried out at an affordable price.

How do I know if my tyres are below the legal limit?

Most tyres have a tread wear indicator marked TWI. If the tread on the tyre is on or below this level, the tyre needs to be replaced. The legal limit for tyres is 1.6mm but ideally tyres should be maintained to a debt of 3mm to prevent aquaplaning. If in doubt please contact Ashbourne Tyres for a tyre check.

What is my correct Tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure specifications are usually written on the pillar on the left when you open the drivers side door or in the manual. A general pressure if you don't have this information is 30psi or 2bar.

What does m, s, k & w mean on my tyre?

This is the speed rating of the tyre.

Puncture repairs?

Ashbourne Tyres can carry out puncture repairs while you wait. Puncture repairs cost €10

How does the timing belt in my car get changed? What is a timing belt?

A timing belt change involves a kit to replace the timing belt tensioner, pulleys, belt and guides. Sometimes a waterpump replacement is also carried out at the same time. The waterpump aids circulation of the cooling system. The timing belt times all the moving parts within the engine and is replaced periodically. If the timing belt fails the engine is usually irreparable. The cost of timing belt replacement is from €150-€500 while the cost to replace an engine is from €1,5000-€2,500.

My car failed on emissions in NCT, can you fix them?

In 99% of cases, yes. There are three readings Lambda – Oxygen content, failure can indicate hole in exhaust or a faulty sensor. H.C – A high reading is an indicator of unburnt fuel possibly plug heads, piston rings etc. C.O – A high reading can indicate a catalytic convertor problem. We can carry out the repairs as required. An emissions test costs €30+VAT

What is the right oil for my car?

Check for the answer.

How much is a full service?

Our 111 point full service costs from €250 inc VAT upwards depending on engine size, make, model etc. Call us for a quote.

Do you do pre NCT checks?

Yes, for just €45 + VAT we will check out your car for the NCT. This includes headlight focus but doesn't include emissions or shocks (except visual leaks). A separate emissions test costs €30+VAT

Do you do pre CVRT checks?

Yes,again for €45 we will give you a full report on what your vehicle will need to pass the test.

Do you do wheel alignment?

For just €45 + VAT we will align your vehicle to within the vehicles spec with our laser wheel alignment gauges. Benefits: Even tyre wear prolongs tyre life, the vehicle is safer and more stable due to a larger tyre surface making contact with ground.

What are the advantages of wheel balancing?

Balancing your vehicles not only prevents a vibration through to your steering wheel but it also lessens centrifugal pressures on wheel bearings, the rods and suspension related components.

Do you do crash repairs?

Yes, in conjunction with Rath Panel Repairs, located near the Applegreen garage.

Do you replace windscreens?

At Ashbourne Auto Clinic we can provide windscreens for all makes and models of vehicle. We also carry out windscreen repairs on behalf of all major insurance companies.

My battery light is on constantly?

Usually indicates an alternator or charging problem rather that a battery problem. It can also indicate a loose or broken alternator belt.

Coolant/Anti freeze Replacment?

Coolant/Anti-Freeze should be replaced every two years to ensure that your car is working effectively. Please call us to book in for this service.

Brake Fluid Replacement?

Brake fluid should be replaced every two years to keep your brakes working effectively. Please contact us to book in for this service.

Transmission Fluid Replacement?

Transmission Fluid and the filter in the automatic transmission (gearbox) should be replaced every two years. Please call us to book in for this service.

Pollen or Cabin Filter?

These are designed for clear pollen particles from air inside your vehicle. They can clog up and reduce the efficiency of the interior fan especially when getting rid of moisture on the inside of the windscreen.

What does Ashbourne Auto Clinic Specialise In?

We are specialists in he following areas: • Auto electrics. • Fault finding. • Radios, DVD, sat nav, phone kit installation. • Dual control/learner car controls. • Computer diagnostics. • Tow bar fitting. • Parking sensor fitting. • Alarms and immobilisers.

Ashbourne Auto Clinic and the Community?

Ashbourne Auto Clinic supports local jobs and businesses as well as Ashbourne Youthreach and transition year students in Ashbourne and Ratoath. We are members of County Meath Chamber and support local business events during the year.

Can you supply and fit dash cams?

Yes. Here are Ashbourne Auto Clinic we can supply and fit a range of dash cams. These have become very popular in recent years and can help increase peace of mind while out and about in your car. They record your vehicle's surroundings, taking note of any problems that you might meet.